Have A Talk With Iris Apfel

Enjoy this honest interview with Iris Apfel and Leandra Medine talking about style in 2014, identification with yourself, and tips for a happy marriage. Believe me, the 2:24 minutes are worth it.

There are many questions answered by Iris Apfel that I love. For example when Leandra asked her about the madness with her bracelets: “No madness at all. I mean I think it’s important, I think everybody should look well. When you start to take it all too seriously it’s a curse.” When it comes to fashion, I sometimes find myself thinking about an outfit too seriously. Maybe you find yourself in a situation like this: You dress up for a special event and you can’t help but wonder if you wear the right shoes or the right dress, or the right jacket. Or you own that extraordinary piece, but you never find an occasion to wear it (I’m sure Iris would simply create an occasion). That’s why I like the way she handles it. It may explain the way Iris dresses. In another moment Iris tells her opinion about getting to know yourself: “First you have to know yourself. If you don’t know yourself, then just forget it. Know yourself is not the easiest thing in the world and is often very painful. And takes a long time…I think that’s the greatest fashion faux-pas is people look in the mirror and they see somebody else.” Isn’t it unbelievable that this woman is already 93 years old (and married for 67 years)? Congratulations Iris Apfel!

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