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Bodies are for…?

I believe you cannot disagree when I say: „We live in a superficial world that practically puts an image of perfection in our head that subconsciously controls our well-being.

When it comes to our bodies, we tend to have widely varied relationships with them. And this topic came to my mind when I watched the latest episode of StyleLikeU starring a young woman named Jeanne De Kroon, Founder of Zazi Vintage. What made me watch the video is not the fact that I met Jeanne personally or that I interviewed her for the enorm magazine, but the fact that StyleLikeU’s videos are provocative, real and shameless. You need to be very brave to sit on that chair and take your clothes off while answering questions at the same time.

I am not sure if I could do that. Could you?

What did you think this morning when you were staring at yourself in the mirror? Was it like „Oh, I believe in miracles! Where are you from? You sexy thing!“, or was it more like „Oh gee… I need to get that weird looking thing back to bed.“ How come we say the worst possible things to ourselves although we would never say them to a close friend that we treat with respect? How can we be so harsh and demanding to a flesh-made wonder build from trillions of little cells dancing in synchronized sympathy? Was that too corny? Forgive me or forget about it. I cannot truly say „I love my body“ and believe it.

I cannot truly say „I love my body“ and believe it.

So what are our bodies made for? Are they made for us to shame on them? Are they made for us to hate and criticize them? Or are they maybe, just think about it, made to appreciate them and to be thankful for? Oh, hello irony!

Everybody knows how we should treat our bodies! How come still so little people use their energy to make them feel better? How come we don’t smile at that person in the mirror more often? Give ourselves compliments, make jokes or just be nice to ourselves.

‘Cause fighting against yourself is only gonna make you lose.

Most importantly we cannot forget that we did not choose the body we were born into. We could not decide on which part of the planet we came to life. What we can choose is the amount of love and appreciation to give ourselves and to others.

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