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The art of of slow-motion images

After posting this short clip of Cate Blanchett, I really needed to understand the reasons why we love slow-motion images so much. I started to dig a little deeper. When we watch something in slow-motion, everything and everyone seems to appear cooler and casual as…

A Short Film about Not Blowing It

“Jim & Helen Forever is written to be a funny lighthearted comedy, that resonates with anyone who is conflicted about getting hitched. Which is to say, everyone.” Picture: Jim & Helen Forever by Mau Domingues

Fashion Film Sunday

The following film plays with prejudices of how a fashion film should be: dreamy, arty, with a bit of coolness and casualness, but still individual and subtle chic at the same time. Lizzy Caplan is the actress starring in this short film by Matthew Frost.…