How to Cure Nostalgic Longings

I believe it started a couple of months ago, while I was soaking up Sex and the City episodes like I watched them for the first time. In the early episodes, Carrie uses an old, shiny black telephone. I don’t know if it’ s the typical rrrring sound, that makes me want it, or this corny idea in my head: Wandering dreamily from room to room, holding the handset in one, and the phone in the other hand.

I am sure, there must be some kind of health benefit comparing vintage to modern telephones (since you don’t smoke and phone). There is no radiation, as it is in wireless phones and smartphones. If you are good at losing things in your own four walls, here’s a good deal: you cannot lose such a telephone – it comes with a rope.

Hanging up with a vintage telephone is so much more fun & dramatic. Just think of the way you can end a conversation by smashing the handset down. How often did you “accidentally” throw away your smartphone out of anger caused by the latest conversation? This will definitely not happen with a vintage phone.

Scene from the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

What makes vintage telephones sustainable is the fact that they are made a long time ago. Yes, there are some reproductions, but who wants the copy if you can have the old original? I recommend buying a vintage telephone on eBay, but only if it is refurbished by a respectable seller.

Let us not forget to maintain a sustainable buying behaviour: If you want to buy something that you do not really need, give it a couple of months to think about it. Having a vintage piece is not essential. I was completely obsessed with the idea of having an old phone, but I could stop myself from buying one right away. A couple of months have passed and the wish of buying one didn’t fade. Now the search for a sweet vintage phone can begin to cure my nostalgic longings.

Let me know: what is your nostalgic craving and how do you cure it?

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