Why I rather eat Vegan

I grew up loving dairy products, but I wasn’t loving meat or eggs. I was a child that loved drinking cocoa in the morning before school. Truth is: as a child, you don’t think about where the milk you drink, or the meat and eggs you eat are coming from. And normally your parents don’t mind telling you how cruel and violent most of the industry deals with animals. Probably they don’t want to think about it or even say it out loud themselves.

It is interesting to know that if you explain to children where the meat they are about to eat it coming from, they will most likely refuse to eat it. I think the reluctance to harm animals is our natural feeling as a human, but after being conditioned for years of our lives, it seems we learned to suppress our conscience.

Before I started to live vegan, I was a vegetarian for two years. Being a vegetarian, I thought I would create less violence in this world because I no longer eat meat. But I was so wrong. Little did I know that the dairy and meat industry is working as one. How?

It’s a pretty simple and cruel procedure: a cow only gives milk, when she had a baby. To prevent the calf from “stealing” the milk he deserves (but the industry thinks differently about it), they separate mother and calf right after birth before they are able to get in contact. Can you imagine the screaming and crying of the mother cow when it is separated from its baby? After I saw several videos of these cruel separations, I can’t get the sound of the mother cow out of my head.

Some of you might say that the following thing I write is a big difference to the cow-situation, but how would you feel about the situation if a woman is separated from its baby right after birth without being able to touch it before it has to leave? Why do we allow the industry to be so cruel to animals, and why does the society seem to be blindfolded?

Again, the answer is simple: we allow them to do it because we buy the products and don’t want to analyze the situation. It’s not a coincidence to see products of meat and dairy printed with happy cows, chicken, and pigs on it… But I am no longer falling for it.

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